Property Management

Property management is not as simple as it looks. Broken boilers, burst pipes and rent arrears are only some of the problems landlords can face. We know that management fees are off-putting so we halved the market average and charge only 8% with no hidden extras. Landlords with several properties may be offered further discount.

We’ll help you find the right tenants, obtain the necessary references and inspect your property regularly to ensure that it is clean and well-maintained. Unlike other managing agents, we have in-house solicitors who can deal with evictions quickly and efficiently at no extra cost to you When your tenants are gone, we will try to recover the outstanding rent on a “no win-no fee basis”.

We can make arrangements for minor and other repairs, have the appliances replaced and old ones taken away, get your property redecorated, carpeted and deal with a number of issues giving you more time to focus on other things.

Finally, if you find sorting out receipts and declaring the property income cumbersome and time-consuming, you may use our book keeping services. We can also arrange an appointment with our accountant and help you maximise your rental income.

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