Our fees

The fees quoted below may be varied depending on the complexity of your case and the need to involve other parties such as interpreters, experts, counsel or others. If you are detained and your establishment does not allow a video link contact with legal representatives, travel and accommodation expenses may be added. Our fees also exclude Home Office, tribunal and court fees, BTE and ATE premiums, broker’s fees, VAT and other expenses necessary for conduct of your case. We reserve right to withdraw representation if you fail to pay the fees, disbursements and VAT when requested.

Some categories are difficult to price and a fixed fee may not be available. For this reason the price indicated as "from..." means that the quoted fee is the minimum amount for such a type of work, but the full amount could be higher. Depending on the factual background, in certain cases we may agree to represent you for less, whilst in others our fees could be significantly higher. Clients are advised to treat all amounts quoted below as indicative of the likely fees rather than the guaranteed final price.

Consultation (1 hour) £ 150
Entry clearance application - spouse from £ 1,000 (from £200 for additional dependents)
Entry clearance appeals from £1,500
Bail from £500
Indefinite leave to remain application from £1,000
Travel document application from £ 250
Naturalisation/registration application from £ 300
Appeal to the First Tier Tribunal (no counsel) from £1,600
Appeal to the First Tier Tribunal (with counsel) from £1,000 + counsel’s fee
Appeal to the Upper Tribunal (no counsel) from £700
Appeal to the Upper Tribunal (with counsel) from £ 500 + counsel’s fee
Letter before action / pre action protocol from £250
Judicial review from £ 2,500
Court of Appeal from £ 2,500
Re-categorisation (application) from £300
Re-categorisation (appeal) from £300
OASys challenge from £500
Adjudication (paper) from £200
Adjudication (hearing) from £300
Parole pre-tariff from £500
Parole post-tariff (paper) from £800
Parole post-tariff (hearing) from £1,500
Criminal appeals from £1,500
Re-call (hearing) from £1,500
Treatment issues from £500
Sentence planning from £1,000
Personal injury/clinical/dental negligence no win-no fee
Unlawful deduction of wages from £ 1,500
Constructive/unfair dismissal from £ 1,500
TUPE claims from £ 1,500
Discrimination (age, sexuality, disability, race, equal pay disputes etc.) from £ 2,000
Harassment/bullying at work from £ 2,000
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