We are looking for IAAS accredited immigration solicitors or caseworkers as well as those with prison law experience. Training contracts may be offered, subject to a probation period. Those who are not seeking trainee positions may be offered a generous fee-sharing agreement.

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School Work Experience Placements

If you are in school and would like 1 or 2 weeks work experience in a law firm, then we may be able to assist you. Work placements will cover general administration that is a necessary part of every legal firm but individuals will be given the opportunity to sit in client interviews, attend hearings, and if over 18 the opportunity to visit clients in prison. N.B. If you are 18 or under you will need to provide written consent from your parent or guardian confirming they acknowledge that you will be working with sensitive information about very serious crimes and convicted criminals. If you are interested in a placement, please email

Kesar & Co Solicitors is an equal opportunities employer.


We believe that good work should be adequately paid. We also think that those who underperform should not be subsidised by their more industrious colleagues. Whilst we always put the clients’ interest first, we recognise the importance of regular income. This helps us pay the overheads, recruit quality staff and is one of the essential elements of every successful legal practice.

So, how are the fee earners paid? We at Kesar & Co like to keep things simple. The fee earners’ gross income is 50% of their bills. No more, no less. We like to think that this method is straightforward enough and that the future candidates understand that their taxable income will be exactly a half of the money they earned each month. However, experience taught us that this concept sometimes requires clarifications. So here are the questions you may wish to ask:

What is the monthly target?

The fee earners are expected to conclude and bill the files to the value of £5,000 each month. By doing so, our lawyers should earn £30,000 per annum.

What happens if I don’t bill anything in one month?

We recognise that caseworkers may have a “bad month” either because their work simply cannot be concluded to fit the company’s billing cycle or because the cases they work on are complex, time-consuming and may take a long time to finish. So, if you billed nothing or, say, £500 in that month, you will receive the guaranteed minimum salary of approximately £1,202.50 pcm (based on minimum wage).

I billed only £4,000 this month. How much will I receive?

Your income consists of two elements: guaranteed minimum (approximately £1,202.50) and bonus which is commensurate to your monthly bills. In this particular month you will receive your minimum salary of £1,202.50 and bonus of £797.50. The total (£2,000) represents 50% of your monthly bill.

I had a really big and important case and my monthly bill is £12,000. How much will I get?

Again, you will receive the minimum salary of £1,202.50 and bonus of £4,797.50. Your pay will be 50% of your bill (£6,000).

I had two disappointing bills followed by a very good month. My performance in the past two months was way below the target, but this month I concluded several big cases. Will I still receive 50% of the bill for this month?

The short answer is: “Yes, you will receive your 50%”. Whilst persistent underperformance could give us reasons for concern, you will not be penalised for fluctuating bills. You will be assessed on the basis of your work over longer periods. Also, the income is not the only relevant consideration. The quality of work, complexity of your caseload, clients’ satisfaction and complaints are only some of the many important factors.

Can all your fee earners meet their targets?

Most of them do, but several have significantly higher salaries as they bill almost 100% above their target. This is facilitated by our bespoke IT system, flexible working arrangements and competent support staff.

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