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KASKAID PowerPoint PresentationTime recording is mandatory for all legal aid providers. Our bespoke, user friendly database is designed not only to make this tedious work easier and quicker, but it can also upload your data at a click of a button into the CMRF. This will help you manage your workload in an efficient and compliant manner.

Time recording facilities are normally offered in the form of a licence agreement, often on the “one fee earner-one licence” basis. We think that paying monthly fees is unnecessary. Our database will be installed on your system for a one off fee. This fee includes training of your staff. There are no limits to the number of users.

We recognise that recording is important for privately funded matters too. So, whatever hourly rate you have agreed with you client, this can be quickly set up for each, individual matter making sure that both you and your clients can have full control of the costs. And if your area of practice has special requirements, modifications can be made to suit your needs.

The other important feature is the COLP and COFA compliance so that the pitfalls of outcome-based regulation can be avoided. The users will find the method of recording potential risks, and dealing with financial and other issues comprehensive and compliant with the SRA requirements.

Click on the image to download the Power Point Presentation.

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