Solicitor Apprenticeships

The UK government introduced apprenticeships in a variety of sectors allowing young people to work and gain relevant practical experience whilst studying towards their chosen vocational and professional qualifications. The cost of training is shared between employers and public funds and it is free for the apprentices. The apprentices will also be remunerated for their work.

This is not an “easy route” and although the candidates are not required to attend a law degree course, the key elements of a degree course are incorporated in the training provided by the University of Law ( It requires commitment of up to six years, dedication to human rights and Legal Aid and a strong desire to pursue law as a career choice.

So what are the advantages of apprenticeships at Kesar & Co Solicitors?

First, you will not be in the office to make photocopies or prepare coffee. Instead, you will be involved in real legal work in a variety of areas of legal practice. By the end of your training we expect you to manage a mixed caseload of immigration*, criminal defence and appeals, prison law, discrimination and a variety of public and private law matters.

You will also be able to assess eligibility for Legal Aid and have an in-depth knowledge of various methods of public and private funding for legal work. We will help you understand the various aspects of legal practice and assist you with obtaining accreditations, when required.

Finally, we will assist you with identifying your preferences, specialise and practise in the areas you find most attractive. There will be an opportunity to visit a number of prisons and immigration detention centres in England and Wales; challenge the public authorities and ensure that your clients are treated in accordance with the law. You will be asked to represent clients before the immigration judges* and Parole Board and work with counsel at some of the most senior courts in the UK.


In the first 12 months:

If you are aged 19 or under when you begin your apprenticeship, you will be paid the apprenticeship wage of £13852.28**.
If you are over 19 you will receive the national minimum wage in accordance with your age (

After the first annual appraisal you will be eligible to receive a bonus proportionate to your performance at work and similar to the pay scheme available to our full-time staff ( Providing that you meet your monthly billing targets, it should not be difficult to double your income and over a period of time come close to the average income of a solicitor at Kesar & Co Solicitors.

What happens if I decide to discontinue my apprenticeship, move to another legal practice or change career?

Not much. Your training at Kesar & Co Solicitors will be discontinued. Your new employer will advise you on the training and remuneration arrangements in your new role. You will be required to act in accordance with the employment contract and our office policies and procedures. Some of the credits accrued during the course may be transferrable and your course provider may be better placed to advise you on that.

Can I continue working at Kesar & Co Solicitors at the end of my apprenticeship?

Of course you can. You will be offered the same standard Kesar & Co contract and you may be appointed as a supervisor, team leader or a partner.

* You will be required to undertake the necessary accreditation in order to carry out this type of work. (

** Correct at date of publication

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