Criminal Defence

We take criminal charges, irrespective of their nature, very seriously. We help first time offenders who often find the prospects of getting a criminal record to be the turning point in their lives. Worse, time in custody could have lasting consequences for our client’s families, health, careers, business connections and many other aspects. Of course, we also work with those who are not new to the UK justice and penal system.

Our criminal specialists provide expert legal advice and defence representation in court. We listen to our clients, research, check and question the evidence, interview their witnesses and ensure that they have a robust and credible defence. We do not hesitate to use experts like accountants, medical experts, ballistic and forensic experts and others to give the defendants a fair chance at the trial.

We select barristers with adequate specialism and experience. Our team will prepare the defence with the same dedication and attention to detail, irrespective of whether the allegations involve benefits fraud or violent offences, whilst keeping the clients informed and regularly updated. When the best option is to enter a guilty plea, our defence lawyers assist in the preparation of detailed mitigation for presentation before the Court to assist as to sentence. We also provide advice and on Recovery of Defence Costs Orders, Orders for Prosecution Costs and confiscation proceedings.

And if the outcome appears to be unjust or disproportionate, we will advise and assist with the appeal.

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