Clinical negligence

At times a medical diagnosis, a surgical procedure or a hospital treatment may go wrong. Be that in the NHS or a private clinic, and regardless of whether the mistake or accident was due to incompetence or lack of judgement by a doctor, surgeon or healthcare professional we will step in and fight your corner. Medical negligence may be difficult to prove, but our team and medical experts who assist our lawyers will do their utmost to help you receive a just and fair settlement.

Our dedicated team deals with all types of medical negligence claims including birth injuries to mother and baby, anaesthetic injury claims, orthopaedic surgery errors, misdiagnosis/delays in cancer cases, prescription errors, GP & NHS negligence, cosmetic surgery; amputation, cancer, nerve injury, spine injury, birth injury, head injury, hip & knee replacement and other surgical errors.

We recognise that these are often very sensitive claims and we will handle your case in a sympathetic manner, advise you on all aspects of your case and help you make informed decisions and realistic meritorious claims.

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