Prison Law

One of our main areas of specialism is the representation of serving prisoners. Overcrowding, a mixture of public and private management , legal aid cuts and high re-conviction rates are adversely affecting the majority of the serving prisoners. However, at Kesar & Co we believe that human rights are universal. We believe that everyone deserves justice.
And we do our best to achieve it for our clients.

This is a complex area of law and we represent clients in the following matters:

  1. Adjudications;
  2. Re-categorisations;
  3. Re-call on licence;
  4. Parole applications;
  5. Discretionary life panels;
  6. A category reviews;
  7. Sentence calculations;
  8. Public law issues;
  9. Judicial reviews;
  10. Claims for compensation for injury suffered in prison (subject to assessment)
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